Why DigitalTown?

DigitalTown empowers governments,businesses and citizens alike.

The continued rapid expansion of big box retailers combined with the steep growth of eCommerce merchants, has created an increasingly untenable environment for locally owned small businesses. Multi-national brands such as Amazon, Google and Expedia as well as niche providers such as AirBnB and Open Table are providing stiff competition while extracting high fees. In response, DigitalTown provides a fresh approach to local economic development – one that equips municipalities and small businesses with the means to compete and win locally.

DigitalTown empowers governments, businesses and citizens alike.

Our Smart City platform consolidates the functionality of popular sites like Google, Amazon, Yelp, TripAdvisor and Expedia into a single, user-friendly mobile and web experience that makes it easy for visitors to connect with local merchants, restaurants and lodging providers.

Our cloud-hosted GovSuite admin suite streamlines workflows, and connects stakeholders. We Power Smart Cities.

We partner

with governments to improve quality of life

We deliver

platform and tools to promote discovery and use of local merchants.

We provide

an alternative to steep fees charged by e-commerce multinationals, keeping more funds in the local economy.

We empower

citizens to engage with their public officials, neighbors and the wider community.

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